MedCOP CLIMAT – Tangier 2016


February 25, 2024

The MedCOP is the forum of state and non-state actors of the Mediterranean organized in the perspective of the 22nd World Conference on Climate (COP 22). On 18 and 19 July 2016, the leaders of the territories of the Mediterranean will meet in Tangier to allow to initiate virtuous dynamics to preserve this region and constitute a force of proposal for the COP 22, which will be held from November 7 to 18 in Marrakech, can lead to concrete and ambitious commitments. This important meeting is already proof of the concrete commitment of the Mediterranean to adapt practices or mitigate the impacts already felt in this climate hub with major changes (reduction of biodiversity, coastal retreat, stress increased water levels, …)

The MedCOP Climat invites Mediterranean stakeholders to think about the possible synergies to leverage the positive impacts of existing initiatives or to create and formulate proposals to intensify the transition from strategic frameworks to concrete achievements. It aims to be organized every year, upstream of the COP, in one of the Mediterranean countries.

Location : Tangier

Date : 18-19 July 2016

Number of participants : 2000

Format : Plenaries, side-sessions, Expo Medina Solutions, Hub Networking and TV

Structure : Capitals covering 10000 m2

The first edition of the MedCOP organized in Marseille, on June 4th and 5th, 2015, showed that faced with the multiple challenges related to the impacts of climate change solutions are thought out, invented and tested by the inhabitants of the Mediterranean territories. Initiatives of all kinds are multiplying, contributing positively and concretely to the fight against climate change and adaptation to new constraints. The Mediterranean appears as this space where the complementarities of a community of destiny are drawn.


In view of the gradual institutionalization of the Mediterranean climate change exchange process and ultimately its integration into international negotiations, the pursuit of MedCOP is almost universally demanded by all climate players.

Holding the MedCOP Climat in Tangier this year is not a chance decision. It is a concrete invitation to continue discussions in preparation for the major event that is the COP 22 Marrakech whose issues are challenging the international community.

This flagship event aims to achieve four key objectives:

to promote the follow-up of the commitments approved by the declaration of MedCOP21 in Marseille;
affirm the Mediterranean dimension as relevant for the fight against climate change;  invite Mediterranean stakeholders to promote multi-stakeholder synergies;
organize the engagement of Mediterranean actors and prepare a Mediterranean of projects, allowing the implementation of a real roadmap for mitigation and adaptation.


The MedCOP Climat – Tangier 2016 is a space for dialogue and consultation between the actors of the different territories of the Mediterranean, all resolutely committed to the fight against climate change. The goal is to strengthen all-round solidarity, and to foreshadow the best practices and innovative mechanisms favoring the evolution of individual and collective behaviors.


The Mediterranean deserves its name of climate hub. Transformations are underway and can have dramatic short-term consequences, especially as demography accelerates and weighs on the natural environment, hence the urgent need to act quickly. The 22 countries of the Mediterranean area are aware of the great fragility of the climatic equilibrium necessary for the preservation of good living conditions and human development.

The fight against climate change is a top priority. This is of course to significantly reduce carbon emissions, but also to begin to adapt to current developments and to strengthen infrastructure in the face of the amplification of extreme weather events and lack of resources including drinking water .

A few months after the historic agreement of Paris COP21, the time is to the action and more particularly to the generalization of the practices of which many are already in work.

In the continuity of the initiatives of the region Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, the Moroccan region of Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima organizes the 18 and 19 July 2016, the forum Climate of the Mediterranean so as to affirm the voice of the Mediterranean in the negotiations of COP 22 only to mobilize all the actors of the territories and the economy to find and deploy concrete solutions.


The great fragility of the climatic balances of the Mediterranean space mobilizes all the actors, be they political, economic, social, researchers, academics … for the fight against the climatic disturbance. All are unanimous on the need to act.


The Mediterranean is one of the hotspots of climate change with an increase in average annual temperature that will be from 2.2 ° C to 5.1 ° C by 2100 depending on our ability to transform our modes of production and our economy.

The Mediterranean represents a North / South and East / West interface and is a unique place for co-construction of useful answers to the world as part of the fight against climate change.

The riparian countries face the same environmental and climatic reality which requires binding but ambitious commitments.

These countries can converge their needs to become a benchmark for ecological and energy transition and thus fully seize the opportunities of new modes of development.