Education and formation


July 12, 2024

Education, education and training: accelerating the transition

Adopt an educational program to educate the next generation on climate change issues and help them meet countries’ commitments to protect the environment.


Steering: UAE – CNRS
Lahcen Taiqui, Researcher UAE

Agathe Euzen, CNRS researcher in urban and environmental risks
Mariane Domeizel, Vice President Sustainable Development University of Marseille

Maria SNOUSSI, AMU- University of Tangier
Vangelis Constantianos of the Global Water Partnership – Mediterranean (GWP-Med)
Khalid Riffi Temsamani, Director of the Regional Observatory for the Environment and Sustainable Development (OREDD)
Eugenio Morello, Assistant Professor in Sustainable Urban Design Politecnico di Milano

Salem Dahech, Geographer and Climatologist, University of
Sfax – Tunisia
Ayman Rabi, Hydrogeologist, Director of the Group of Palestinian Hydrologists, Member of the Palestinian Academy for Science and Technology

Saoud Mohammed, Vice President of TTA Region and COPIL member of MedCOP Climat
Jean-Charles Lardic – Director of Foresight, Marseille City Hall

Grand Witness: Mohamed Messouli, Research Professor at the University of Marrakech IPCC Member