Science and society


April 18, 2024

Adopting an educational program to sensitize the future generation to climate change issues and helping them to respect the country’s environmental protection commitments.

President – Interventionists – Networks:
Presidency : School of Professions and Environment

Jacques Brigion, President of the School of Professions and the Environment
Xavier Montserrat, Department of Higher Education, Research and Innovation in Sustainable Development and Climate 22
Roland Gerard, President of the National Coalition of Environmental Education Associations
Marie Dominique de Cayo, Director, School of Professions and the Environment
Abdel Rahim Al-Qasiri, President of the Association of Life Sciences and Land Teachers in Morocco
Collage sweater, expensive for environmental school programs and a young journalists program for the environment
Osama Bawaror, President of the Association of Young Alctar in Morocco and a member of the Committee on the leadership of the White Sea Youth Congress  average 12
Lubna Al-Chaouni, Mohammed VI Foundation