Medkop Climate – Tangier 2016


May 25, 2024

On July 18 and 19, 2016, the leaders of the Mediterranean regions will meet in Tangier to launch positive dynamics for the preservation of this region and to form a proposed force for the Conference of the Parties 22, to be held from 7 to 18 November in Marrakech, so that it can adopt concrete and ambitious commitments. This important date already confirms the Mediterranean region’s concrete commitment to adapting practices or mitigating the impacts of climate change resulting from major climate shifts (reduction of biodiversity, coastal decline, increasing water consumption …)

Medkop invites Mediterranean actors to think about possible synergies to redouble the positive effects of existing or to be created initiatives and to formulate proposals that will allow for the intensification of the transition from strategic frameworks to tangible achievements. Medcope also aims to organize a session each year, prior to the conferences of the parties, in one of the countries of the Mediterranean region.

Location: Tangier

Date: 18-19 July 2016

Number of participants: 2000

Organizational Chart: Public Sessions, Parallel Sessions, City Solutions Fair, Web and Television Network Center.

Structure: Tents covering 10,000 square meters

The first session of Mdkoub, held in Marseille on 4 and 5 June 2015, highlighted that the people of the Mediterranean region can think, invent solutions and try to meet the multiple challenges related to the impacts of climate change. Initiatives of different varieties are multiplied to contribute positively and significantly to combating climate change and adapting to new constraints. Thus, the Mediterranean region appears to be a space where integration of components of an area with common destiny is envisaged.

A concrete call to continue exchanges

With the gradual institutionalization of the Mediterranean exchange process on climate change and its integration into international negotiations, the continued organization of the Medcop forums is an almost unanimous demand for all climate actors.

The organization of Medkop climate in Tangier this year is not the result of an emergency decision. But represents a concrete call to continue discussions in preparation for the major event of the holding of the 22nd Cup in Marrakech, whose bets are a challenge to the international community.

The event aims to achieve four main objectives:

Promote the follow-up of the commitments contained in the Medcope Declaration 21 in Marseille.
Emphasizing the Mediterranean dimension as an appropriate dimension to combating climate change;
Call on Mediterranean actors to promote multi-actor efforts.
Organize the commitment of the Mediterranean actors and prepare a Mediterranean project, thus enabling the implementation of a real roadmap for mitigation and adaptation.
Mediterranean sound

Medkop Climate – Tangier 2016 is a space for dialogue and consultation between the various actors in various Mediterranean fields, who are strongly committed to combating climate change. The aim is to promote various types of solidarity and to formulate best practices and innovative mechanisms that encourage the development of individual and collective behaviors.

Consistent awareness

The Mediterranean region deservedly deserved to be described as a climate center. Transformations are under way and can have serious consequences in the short term, especially as demographic growth accelerates and affects the natural environment. Hence the urgent need to move quickly. There is no doubt that the 22 Mediterranean countries are aware of the fragility of climate balances necessary to maintain good living conditions and human development.

Combating climate change is a top priority. It is, of course, important to reduce carbon emissions, but also to begin to adapt to current changes, strengthen infrastructure to cope with extreme climate extremes, and lack of resources, especially potable water.

It is time to work, a few months after the historic agreement of Paris 21 cup, especially in order to mainstream good practices some of which have already begun to be implemented.

In the context of the sustainability of the initiatives of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, the Moroccan Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region will organize the Mediterranean Climate Forum on 18 and 19 July 2016 in the negotiations of Cup 22, on the one hand, and the mobilization of all economic and economic actors to find and disseminate concrete solutions. On the other hand.

The grounds of the Medkop climate

The fragility of climate balances in the Mediterranean region is behind the mobilization of all political, economic, social, research and university actors … to combat climate change. Where they combine the need to move to face it.

Terrible impacts of climate change

The Mediterranean region is one of the hotspots of climate change, with an expected annual average temperature of between 2.2 ° C and 5.1 ° C by 2100, depending on our ability to change our production patterns and our economy.

The Mediterranean is a good north / south / east / west and seeks to become a unique space for a common crystallization of useful answers to the world as part of the ongoing work to combat climate change.

Neighboring countries face the same environmental and climatic reality that requires binding and ambitious commitments at the same time.

These countries can converge their needs to become a criterion for environmental and energy transfer, thus fully exploiting the opportunities offered by new patterns of development.